STEM School

Welcome to the National STEM School!

The National STEM School is a 10-day residential programme for 14-17 year olds to come and experience the excitement of learning science by doing science and building things! The National STEM School shall be an annual programme designed to bring the best and brightest kids from across the country and give them ‘wings’ to realise their dreams!

The 1st National STEM School is being organised at PhysicsLab at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in collaboration with Institute of Integrated Biosciences (IIB), Habib University, Khwarzimi Science Society (KSS), and Zeds Astronomical Observatory from December 27 to January 5, 2017.

Admissions are now open. Candidates may register by Oct 31, 2016 to appear for an interview. Selection shall be made on the basis of questions addressed in the registration form and in person interview.

There is ‘NO FEE’ for Pakistan-based Candidates, although travel and boarding/lodging are the responsibility of the parents. Need-based Full and Partial Scholarships that cover travel and board are available for Pakistan-based Candidates. No selected candidate shall be denied the opportunity for financial reasons. Please identify in the registration form if you have a financial need.

Oversees Pakistanis and Expats’ kids are also welcome. Parents are encouraged to write to to inquire about Fees and Logistical Arrangements. Information Package


Objectives of the National STEM School:

The Objectives of the programme are:

1) To enable young learners to understand what science really is, how scientists think (and work)?
2) To help young learners experience the excitement of hands-on science and technology in a challenging yet cooperative environment
3) To impart the skillset and excitement of ‘building’ things and doing ‘hands-on’ science thus creating a culture of making in Pakistan