Registration Form: National STEM School 2017


Thank you for showing interest, in National STEM School 2017.

National STEM School - Registration Form

  • There are 3 parts of this form: PART A: Student Background Information. PART B: Parent/Guardian Information. PART C: Essay Questions to Assess Student Preparation. You must complete all 3 Sections fully and honestly. PART C must be completed by the student himself/herself. He/she will be questioned about it at the interview. Please take time to think about and fill the Essay Questions in PART C. This is the only way for us to get to know you and your accomplishments to be able to invite you for an in-person interview. When you press submit, a copy of this form shall be automatically sent to you. If you will be seeking financial assistance, please write in space provided in the last question. Your parent/guardian will be required to furnish documents establishing financial need.
  • PART A: Student's Background Information

  • PART B: Parent/Guardian's Information

  • PART C: ESSAY QUESTIONS - Student's Preparation for STEM School





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